Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another one.

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So since it's the holidays, I've decided to do some Photoshopping.
Sooooooo... Yeah

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I don't get these spam emails that I get.
Yesterday I decided to check what sort of crap I get these days, so I checked my spam box. I've found that spammers always seem to have certain things they try to send us. Currently it's Viagra, recently it was fake Rolexes, before that it was penis enlargement pills. I recently got a few Nigerian Bank Scams too, those are rather interesting. Sometimes though, I get rogue spam messages in my spam box, these messages aren't in the current vein of messages that I get. For instance, I got an email for cheap Tamiflu.

Cheap Tamiflu on

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advis or reces ses ladys mith resen ted inter rogee aceta l ochlo
cracy multi parti te lengt hwise juggl er parag raphe r infla mer
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edaph ic cloud less frail ty lauda blene ss basti a overc apaci ty
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I don't get the contents of this message. Why would they bother setting their steam powered spam machine to create messages full of disjointed words?

I also got a couple of emails telling me that someones found some information about me on some random website.